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February 2014

Sly5thAve | Sly5thAve Presents: Akuma

Sly5thAve - Akuma
Sly5thAve | Sly5thAve Presents: Akuma
Truth Revolution Records
by Brent Faulkner
Sly5thAve is no household name – yet that is. After listening to the jazz saxophonist’s debut album, Sly5thAve Presents: Akuma, Sly5thAve’s underrated status is on pace to change. An independent release courtesy of Truth Revolution Records, Sly5thAve recorded Akuma beginning in 2012, completing it in 2013. Not only did Sly5thAve (born Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II) compose the 12 songs comprising Akuma, but he also funded the effort entirely – impressive.

James Fortune & FIYA | Live Through It

James Fortune  & FIYA - Live Through It
James Fortune & F.I.Y.A. | Live Through It
Light Records
By Peggy Oliver
While music evangelists are driven by proudly proclaiming God’s goodness and dropping testimonials of being delivered through storms, they also face life’s brutal realities racked with occasional questioning of faith and doubting their relationship with God. Never minimizing the importance of praise and worship, it is sometimes those definitive make or break character development moments that hits the mark with those who avoid weekly church services.

Brian Culbertson | Another Long Night Out

Brian Culbertson - Another Long Night Out
Brian Culbertson | Another Long Night Out
BCM Entertainment, Inc.
by Brent Faulkner
In 1994 – then a 21 year-old DePaul student – Brian Culbertson recorded his smooth-jazz debut album, Long Night Out. A talented multi-instrumentalist and composer, Long Night Out would mark the beginning of an incredible career for Culbertson. Now twenty years later, rather than recording a completely new album, Culbertson returns with Another Long Night Out, a re-recording of Long Night Out that finds the seasoned musician adding a “lil somethin’ somethin’” extra.