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September 2015

Tisha Campbell-Martin | “Steel Here”

Tisha Campbell-Martin – “Steel Here”
song & video musings by A. Scott Galloway
Among the most powerful songs written are those that lay bare truths as learned from the artist and relayed so that they may be recognized and/or learned from by others. The ultimate purpose of a music video, beyond advertising and entertainment, is to further illuminate and/or artistically illustrate the meaning of a song. In the case of singer/actress/dancer Tisha Campbell-Martin’s “Steel Here,” the video colorfully peels back the layers of the lyrics to make the song more clearly understood.

Kim Burrell | A Different Place

Kim Burrell - A Different Place
Kim Burrell | A Different Place
Shanachie Records
by Brent Faulkner
Some of the best vocalists across all of music hail from gospel music. Gospel singers tend to have madd pipes that are clearly anointed by the spirit. Sure, not everyone is a believer and gospel music appeals to particular a niche, but what’s indisputable is the skill set of that the gospel musician possesses. Veteran, Grammy award-nominated gospel vocalist Kim Burrell exemplifies the prodigiously talented musician, period.