Jill Scott’s Absence From “Back Together” Video Opens Portal For Inspiring Interpretive Dance

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Jill Scott – Back Together
(Blues Babe/Atlantic)

Jill Scott - Back Together video 1

Director: Alan Ferguson

A Video Reflection by A. Scott Galloway

At the introduction of this video for “Back Together,” Jill Scott’s third single from her album Woman, lead dancer Donna Michelle Vaughn (“The Lion King”) does something many of us have either done or felt like doing: have a mini nervous breakdown right out in public due to overwhelming frustration and grief over everything from chasing goals, paying bills and finding love to social issues of racism, injustice and street violence. The universal aspect of this moment perfectly sets up a dream sequence of Heavenly intervention beautifully illustrated through dance. Jill’s bluesy gospel-tinged music with real strings that hark back to scratchy old Aretha records on Atlantic set the mood for the multi-ethnic and multi-generational Complexions Contemporary Ballet company to splinter off into sub groups of folks trying to work through pressures getting lil’ help from some angels/friends. Husband and wife, mother and daughter, sister to sister, and those that struggle alone in the world are all shown finding the grace and courage to rise up out of the quagmire. Jill Scott does not physically appear in this clip, yet her words and voice carry another of this year’s most timely and finest inspirational music videos.

“Pieces of me were scattered blowing in the cold / In different directions, truth be told / But then I looked into your eyes / Everything felt like it could be alright / You went and put me back together / Back together again”

Jill Scott - Back Together video 2

A. Scott Galloway
Music Editor
The Urban Music Scene
December 17, 2015

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