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March 2011

Anthony Wilson | Campo Belo

Album Review: Anthony Wilson | Campo Belo
by Brent Faulkner

(Advance Review: CD to be released April 5th, 2011)

On Campo Belo, composer/guitarist Anthony Wilson assembles a set of ten
songs that are classifiable as ‘jazz,’ but transcend jazz itself. Filled
with influences from classical music (minimalism most notably), Latin
music, and even tinges of country/folk, Campo Bello is certainly a
‘melting pot’ to say the least. On this, Wilson’s eighth set as a
leader, he assembles a set of capable musicians to carry out incredibly
cerebral compositional ideas. Aside from lending his own compositional
and guitar expertise, Wilson is joined by Chico Pinheiro (guitar), André
Mehmari (piano), Guto Wirtti (bass), and Edu Ribeiro (drums). Overall,
Campo Belo is an enjoyable set that yields some enjoyable listens. To continue, please click “MORE”!

Jump Start 2 | By Various Artists

Album Review: Jump Start 2 | Various Artists
By Peggy Oliver

only as a former mix and radio DJ, I have a small bit of envy for
Ginger Tony. And why do I even make mention of this matter? I continue
to this day being a huge fan of soulful, passionate dance music and
actually got to briefly live my dream guest hosting one mix show
installment many years ago from a non-commercial station in my Seattle,
WA. Ginger Tony AKA Tony Farmer not only grew up listening to his
favorite radio DJ’s, he practiced and refined his own skills by
taping mock radio broadcasts.  His record collection ranged from Burt
Bacharach to Motown. But Ginger was especially enamored with hip-hop and
the samples drawn from this remarkable art form. To continue, please click “MORE”!

Marsha Ambrosius | Late Nights & Early Mornings

Marsha Ambrosius - Late Nights & Early Mornings
Marsha Ambrosius | Late Nights & Early Mornings
By Peggy Oliver
I can not exactly determine if coincidence played a role in The Floacist AKA Natalie Stewart and Marsha Ambrosius releasing their debut projects just a few months apart. But whatever the reason, the timing for these gifted ladies to make noise on the charts was a stroke of genius. Their fans that were familiar with these ladies when they teamed as Floetry were more than ready to experience their talent in a solo spotlight.

Chris Botti Live in Lowell Auditorium, MA | Concert Review by Susan Mutharia

Concert Review: Chris Botti in Lowell Auditorium, MA
By Susan Mutharia

It often surprises me that one can reside in a certain state yet be unaware of all the hidden gems it has to offer. The Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Massachusetts is one of those for me. It is in this historic monument that I was fortunate to see the very talented, very successful and very very handsome jazz artist Chris Botti (pronounced as boat-tee).The audience was a great mix – some were new to the multiple award winning artist and others like me, were repeat offenders who require his live rehabilitation at least once every year. All in all, when the host introduced the artist, we were all anxious to see him kiss the reed of his trumpet, and when he did, every breath was ‘hallelujah’. To continue, please click “MORE”!

Sharon Musgrave | Outflow

Sharon Musgrave - Outflow
Sharon Musgrave | Outflow
By Peggy Oliver
“Fascinating Rhythm,” not to be mistaken with the George Gershwin jazz standard from the twenties, was a funky diet of soul, jazz and reggae flavors provided by dance producer extraordinaire William Orbit. The voice who graced the U.K. top ten dance hit from 1990 was Sharon Musgrave. After touring to support the Orbit’s Bass-O-Matic project, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Bass and the hit single “Fascinating Rhythm,” the England born, Canadian native found another outlet to demonstrate her earthy vocal tones to the jazz world with Julian Joseph.

Ginuwine | Elgin

Ginuwine - Elgin
Ginuwine | Elgin
By Susan Mutharia
In the music industry we have had timeless classics and one hit wonders, legendary artists and the unremarkable, trendsetters and followers. Every decade has ushered innovative fashion statements, challenging dance moves and even a new meaning to certain words. 1996 was no different. It was in that year that Ginuwine unleashed the track Pony.

Gretchen Parlato | The Lost And Found

Gretchen Parlato - Lost and Found
Gretchen Parlato | The Lost And Found
by Brent Faulkner
Gretchen Parlato is an exceptional young jazz vocal talent. On her third effort, The Lost And Found, the theme of the album is experimentation. Throughout the cerebral, enjoyable effort Parlato uses her voice in a number of capacities, making The Lost and Found one of the more innovative vocal jazz efforts in sometime. Parlato not only serves as the album’s muse, but also composes a number of the tracks.

Ambrose Akinmusire | When The Heart Emerges Glistening

Ambrose Akinmusire - When The Heart Emerges Glistening
Ambrose Akinmusire | When The Heart Emerges Glistening
by Brent Faulkner
Free-jazz’s appearance in the 1960s went right alongside the ‘sentiment’ of the times historically; – the idea of liberation from conformity and the conservative tides of the 1950s was ‘what was in.’ Free-jazz never faded away dramatically like some earlier jazz styles (namely dixieland, swing, etc.), but it’s popularity certainly peaked in the 1960s.

Colie Williams | Light Up The Darkness

Collie Williams
Colie Williams – Light Up the Darkness
By Peggy Oliver
Neo-soul is one of those categories that sometimes is hard to figure out or dissect. But it is encouraging knowing there are many urban vocalists today who are embracing the past without sounding too outdated. From the veterans Jill Scott to the recent voices Colie Williams, old-fashioned smooth soul with a fierce attitude is more alive and well than ever.