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Isha Love | Jars of Waters

Isha Love - Jars of Water
Isha Love | Jars of Waters
by Peggy Oliver
The main attraction for me when artists piece together impactful music is how they pour their genuine heart out for their craft, especially for the independent musician. Before diving into those independent waters, Isha Love began playing the piano at an early age before she realized her career in high school as a musician in the jazz market, along with an extensive discipline in classical music.

Jonathan Butler | Grace and Mercy

Jonathan Butler - Grace and Mercy
Grace and Mercy
Jonathan Butler
by Darnell Meyers-Johnson
Jonathan Butler signed his first recording contract at twelve years old.  By the time he was fifteen, he was already an established recording artist in his native South Africa.  By his own admission, he was also a drug addict whose soul was seeking salvation.  Guidance would come through a friendship with a fan who introduced him to the Christian faith.  That fan would later become his brother in law.