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A Peek Into Transcendence with Anoushka Shankar at The Grammy Museum

Anoushka Shankar
Grammy Museum
April 12, 2016
Special Event Reflections by A. Scott Galloway
As she glided to the stage of the Clive Davis Auditorium inside downtown Los Angeles’ Grammy Museum for a sweetly emotional mini-concert and chat commemorating the closing of a months-long museum exhibit focusing on the career of her legendary father, sitar master/composer Ravi Shankar – before she played a single note – the first thing I could not get over is how short Anoushka Shankar is… When photographed with the birthright sitar instrument she, too, now plays so beautifully, it appears to stretch her, not dwarf her…a trick of the eye into the mystical properties that her art and art form manifest. Indeed, her embrace of the sitar instantly, magically, makes her appear larger than mere mortal life.

Reggae Legends Third World Rock Playboy Jazz Festival Day 2

Playboy Jazz Festival – Day 2 – Sunday June 14, 2015
A Concert Reflection by A. Scott Galloway
Photos: Mathew Imaging
Brown Bunnies of Playboy
An afternoon of tradition and roots gave way to an evening of mash-ups and fusions for the second day of the 37th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

37th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival Proves An Avalanche of Diversity

Playboy Jazz Festival – Saturday June 13, 2015
Concert Reflection by A. Scott Galloway
Photos: Mathew Imaging
June gloom morphed into jazz-soul glory for Saturday June 13, 2015 – the first day of the 37th annual Playboy Jazz Festival – a day of great music that found the heat slowly and consistently escalating to the very end.
Honeys at Playboy

Marcus Miller | Afrodeezia

Marcus Miller - Afrodeezia
Marcus Miller
(Blue Note)
Album Reflection by A. Scott Galloway
Africa has been a river running through the music of Marcus Miller since he began his sojourn into the art form – as literally as from “Maputo” (his composition made famous by Bob James and David Sanborn) and “Gorée” (his mediation on the portal through which Africans were shipped as property to other lands far away, from his previous CD Renaissance) to the figuratively emphatic manner in which he percussively speaks his soul through the electric bass.

Malika Zarra | Berber Taxi

Malika Zarra - Berber Taxi
Album Review: Malika Zarra – Berber Taxi
By Peggy Oliver
Most have heard the old saying life imitating art. Yet maybe art imitating life would best apply to singer/songwriter Malika Zarra. Zarra was practically a sponge from the time she was singing and dancing as a little girl in her home country of Morocco. Even after she moved with her family to France at three years old, music would always rule Zarra’s mind and soul. Thanks to a wealth of music at her fingertips, her influences were extremely eclectic; from classic Moroccan pop (Haja Hamdaouia) to classic Arabic pop (Warda Al-Jazairia).