GiGi Allen | I Need You (2 A.M. Music)

GiGi Allen - I Need You 2 AM Music

GiGi Allen | I Need You (2 A.M. Music)
By Stella Titus-Ayala

As her 48-second intro dropped and set the mood, Ms. GiGi Allen magically changed my immediate surroundings from writing a review in a coffee house in Los Angeles to hanging late night in an R&B club somewhere in the heart of New York City. “Dangerous,” the tantalizing first cut from her debut album I Need You, made me want to move in all the right directions. “Lay Here” is a sensual collaboration with guest vocals by Brandon Johnson… a sexy duet worthy of praise. But before you even get into the feeling of one style of music, Ms. Allen hits you again with the fresh breathtaking hit “If This Is Wrong.” This track is worthy of R&B radio play during “night grooves” shows on both the EAST and WEST coasts. The vocal arrangement and additional vocals were pluses to the already fully blossomed lead by the songstress. Trust me when I say: this artist knows what she is doing.

“Piece of My Heart” is like a breath of fresh air. Surprisingly sexy thanks to the raspy texture of Ms. Allen’s voice, it made for a totally original rendition of which even Ms. Janis Joplin would be proud. Just when you think you have heard it all, Ms. Allen changes up the tempo with the contemporary funk style joint “Nothing on Us (Jazz Funk),” keeping you on your feet. Moving into “I Gotta Love,” I couldn’t help myself from starting the track over a couple more times. For those in love, looking for love or just figuring out that it is he/she who might be somebody’s new love, this song will surely speak to those listeners. Ms. Allen’s tracks aren’t just good music but great lyrics that truly speak out as well. Brava!

“Good Stuff” should have been entitled HOT STUFF or RIGHT STUFF. This swanky blues style arrangement of genius is OFF THE CHAIN! It definitely showcases her diversity as an artist and her heartfelt passion for real feelings being put into her music. I’m a believer that with this track, Ms. Allen is one to be reckoned with in the R&B world. “Good Morning” is the most pop-sounding track on the album but, again, Ms. Allen is surprisingly diverse with her styles of music. The sexy “Why” had me so moved, I just hit repeat! Her sound on this song touches the soul like an inspirational reading. To categorize Ms. Allen as simply R&B would not be doing her justice. She is universal from all spectrums of light.

Overall, I Need You by GiGi Allen (on the 2 A.M. Music label) is a mixed musical journey of sultry creativity from a singer/songwriter worthy of any major record company. For listeners that want to enhance their collection and step out of their normal R&B listening with me, I challenge you – nay, I DARE you – to step into this unique musical journey…into the world of 2 A.M. music as shared by this refreshingly original new artist.

Stella Titus-Ayala
The Urban Music Scene