Joe | The Good, The Bad, The Sexy

Joe - The Good The Bad The Sexy

Joe | The Good, The Bad, The Sexy
By Stella Titus-Ayala

JOE…., um, um, UMM! “The Good, The Bad, The Sexy” album is another reason why JOE isn’t going nowhere anytime soon. The first track “Losing” reminds me of my own silly emotions of the relationship highs and lows but a strong message from the male perspective with yet another softer touch that even us women can feel. Made me feel like I was listening to a new school Lenny Williams. I wanted to reach out and touch a man!

“Time Of Your Life” once again the great lover man “JOE” appears for what would seem an encore appearance of making us women feel like we are deserving of praise, pampering and pedicures! I, for one, am all into the sounds of this track and the men being this caring and smooth sounding. As the third track “Almost There” began, I wasn’t sure where “JOE” would take it… Then the lyrics came and I found myself caught up in the moment of feeling him. This track can go either way for the men trying to say something or for the ladies that need to hear something good. This is just what the love Dr. ordered.

Absolutely love this next track! “Circles” by far is some heat! This track grabs my attention because of its outlook on the safety of why some of us stay in a relationship rather than being bold enough to go it alone… Only “JOE” could deliver such a tender matter of the heart to sounding so sexy. “Pull My Hair” 100% FIRE!! Now this track is why “JOE” remains not only in the game but at the top of it. Ladies and Gents please play this with caution it’s definitely a heater… A must buy song for the album. “Dear Joe” is so sexy, a real hot track for the good men out there going through some thangs… A real turn it on and just drive kind of song for the fellas. “Slow Kisses” is such a gentle reminder that intimacy is still a beautiful thing between lovers. Ladies holler if you hear me! “Lose Control” almost made me lose myself … Well, for the moment that is, just another reason to get on the “JOE” love train.

“Tonight” is the hottest and my personal favorite track on the album coming from a poetic musical background. This is for sure the type of ideal man I like and women are in need of… Ladies, if you got a man like this Love him well. Gentlemen, if this is how you’re feeling your woman then you are loving her right! OFF THE CHAIN! Definite instant slow jam rotation. “Impossible” is a touching heartfelt song full of great lyrics. This one too is for the gentlemen. I love how “JOE” shows his neutral side for them, yet his versatility for the game of love from both perspectives for the ladies and the good men who love them. Finishing up the album with the track “Drink Up” to say the least “JOE” has reinvented sensuality with this track. “Drink up” reminds me of a hot sensual night where the only thing that can cool you is a nice ice cold fudge pop… Nothing like a good melting fudge popsicle to cool your mouth! Classic, Sexy, Erotic. “JOE” simply delicious.

Without a doubt this album is definitely staying in my IPOD rotation of slow jams and smooth R&B. This works, like I said, for the male and female hearts and egos. The lyrics are heartfelt, the music is smooth and sexy just like “JOE” does on any project he touches. This is a must have ALBUM! “JOE” has brought The Good, The Bad, The Sexy altogether for one smooth entertaining sexy ride. But don’t take my word for it: get the album and just hit play to the erotic smooth sounds of “THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE SEXY.

Stella Titus-Ayala