Tasha Taylor | Taylormade

Tasha Taylor - Taylormade

Tasha Taylor | Taylormade
by Marv D.

The stunning debut from Tasha Taylor with her latest effort “Taylormade” is soulful and refreshing. Where in a world of auto tune and other fabricated sound products, sheer talent has emerged.

Tasha, who is the youngest daughter of legendary Icon Johnny Taylor, showcases the talent that runs throughout her entire family.

“Taylormade” is a CD deeply coveted in a soulful 60’s and 70’s style, but also mixed with a little of todays’ contemporary R&B stylings. Tasha is definitely keeping the pure soul music tradition alive with this new project by incorporating live music along with each composition she either wrote or co-wrote. With that said, it makes it easier for her angelic voice to soar and identify with.

Songs like the sultry “Who’s Making Love”, the passionate “Somebody”, the melodic “I Got Love”, and tracks, “Queen”, “Middle”, “Badman”, ‘”Refund”, “Best Friend”, “Daddy’ Girl, “Merry Christmas Baby” & more takes you back to the old legendary Stax record label sound, without over doing it.

I highly recommend this one to you & yours & expect to hear more from Tasha in the near future.

Marv D.
The Urban Music Scene