Keith Sweat | Til The Morning

Keith Sweat - Til The Morning

Keith Sweat | Til The Morning
By Susan Mutharia

Keith Sweat is done ‘riding solo’ and is back with an album that his fans deserve. It was hard to forgive Sweat for a couple of songs in his last album (Riding Solo, 2010). However, after listening to his new album Til The Morning, I am ready to kiss and make up.

Keith Sweat is back to his roots and you are going to love this album. He first caught our attention with his debut and sophomore album, ‘Make It Last Forever’ and ‘I’ll Give All My Love To You’, respectively. His success has only grown over the years not only as a singer but also as a producer working with groups such as Kut Close, Silk and Dru Hill.

In his new album, Sweat begins luring us with Knew It All Along featuring Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert or LSG as we knew them. The song is a promising introduction to the album and an honorable way of keeping the love and memory of the late Gerald Levert alive.

Ladies, you will like this! Remember when Sweat sang Nobody and convinced you he was the only one who can love you til the band keeps playing “on, on, on and on, on?” He is rekindling that fire with the track High As The Sun. If he does not have you where he wants you after that song, he is willing to Make You Say Ooh and he will not stop Til The Morning. Don’t be too quick to judge, he wants more. He wants to know your Ring Size so he can make it right. If you are willing to take him back, he has an Open Invitation. He sings, ‘I never changed my number / still have the same address/ what are you waiting for my darling/losing you I regret…../There is an open invitation you just got to get here..”

In this album, Sweat also collaborates with another R&B singer, Coco of the group SWV, in the song My Valentine and perhaps in an attempt to win new fans, Sweat also works with T-Pain in the upbeat song To The Middle.

Keith Sweat is back to the basics and I hope he can stay here. In Til The Morning, Sweat circles back to the sound that made him, yet manages to keep the album fresh and appealing. Tune to Centric TV on November 12 and watch “Keith Sweat’s Hotel” and “As Written” that will focus on his life and the making of this album.

Susan Mutharia