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March 2012

Carmen Lundy | Changes

Carmen Lundy
A Record Reflection by A. Scott Galloway
Singer/Songwriter Carmen Lundy’s twelfth album, Changes, is the kind of jazz vocal album that does more than entertain. It enhances your very existence. This is music that soothes your being, uplifts your spirit and quiets your mind – music you can use. It has a very strong Afrocentric foundation and an overflowing of warm musical sunshine to light your way. Ms. Lundy composed 8 of the 9 numbers herself, making for an album truly classifiable as “one from the heart.”

Greg Adams | East Bay Soul 2.0

Greg Adams - East Bay Soul 2.0
Greg Adams | East Bay Soul 2.0
(Greg Adams Music)
By George Strand
While much of today’s contemporary/smooth jazz music is dominated by certain brass and wind instruments [sax, flute, trombone (Shorty), etc.], we as aficionados in appreciation of the art should never squeeze out the space still made available for the grace of the trumpet – a very powerful horn in the brass family. Perhaps a good dose of the sound of the trumpet and Flugelhorn from Greg Adams, founding/long-time member of hit R&B band Tower of Power might do the trick.

Andrea Helms | Moving Forward

Andrea Helms
Moving Forward (EP)
(Music World Music)

Review by Peggy Oliver

When it comes to all those TV talent competitions where the winner is judged by America, being a runner-up, third placed or even lower does not constitute a death sentence in one’s career future.  Most persons are aware by now that countless “American Idol” non-winners have carved prolific, if not at least steady, recording and concert platforms (i.e. Jennifer Hudson, Elliott Yamin).  Representing the show “Sunday Best” – the gospel alternative to “Idol” – praise and worship leader Andrea Helms (the runner-up for Season Four to jazz/gospel stylist Amber Bullock) recently signed with Music World Music. To continue, please click “MORE”!

Ruben Studdard | Letters from Birmingham

Ruben Studdard
Letters from Birmingham
By Peggy Oliver
Who might have thought that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s passionate open “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” would have generated a title for an R&B-fueled concept album? While Ruben Studdard was planning his next recording project, a thought dawned on him during a trip to Atlanta as he observed a display of King, Jr.

Paul Brown | The Funky Joint

Paul Brown - The Funky Joint CD Cover Art
Paul Brown | The Funky Joint
(Woodward Avenue)
By George Strand
Year in – Year out, Contemporary Jazz Guitarist/Producer Paul Brown continues to beat the pavement, regardless of how many sour apples taint the overall smooth jazz market. Regardless to the lack of radio station vibes towards the genre and regardless of the massive drop in record sales. The gentleman of the smooth jazz flow breaks out his passion for the groove with the release of “The Funky Joint”.