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May 2016

English Singer Nao Unveils Mysterious Enigmatic Stage Presence In L.A.

The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA
Friday May 13, 2016
Concert Reflections by A. Scott Galloway
Photos by Michael K. Adams
Nao at The Roxy - May 13, 2016 - by Michael K Adams 2
Obscured in red light, Nao sings in a cockney neo soul alto over sinewy pulsing grooves and speaks with gracefully gesturing limbs as if languid and outstretched underwater. Though the music has a techno vibe, her backing is a power trio of guitar, bass (doubling on occasional synth) and way off in the corner stage left, drums – delivering Grand Funk bottom as she falls in with the guitarist parroting snaky unorthodox lines.

Shirley Caesar | Fill This House

Shirley Caesar- Fill This House - smaller
Shirley Caesar | Fill This House
by Peggy Oliver
Advance Review – Album Coming June 3rd, 2016
When one has traveled the long hard road towards an effective music and pulpit ministry, there needs to be the accompanying tribulations behind the scenes so they can share their testimonies to their audiences. Celebrating fifty years in focusing her singing talents solely for the Lord, Shirley Caesar has sang many a song on top of preaching many a sermon while battling and praying through the personal spiritual wars.

Ronnie Foster Sets Organ Ablaze in Smokin’ Rare L.A. Concert

Ronnie Foster Trio
Baked Potato
Saturday May 14, 2016
Concert Reflections and Photographs by A. Scott Galloway
I first got turned onto Ronnie Foster when he was part of George Benson’s incomparable mid-`70s Breezin’ band trading electric keyboard and acoustic piano chairs with the late, great Jorge Dalto. From that association I appreciated Ronnie not only as a player but also a composer (“Lady,” “The Wind and I”). Even though I eventually heard his earlier Blue Note solo LPs on which he was featured on organ and his post-Benson work primarily on Fender Rhodes, I’ve always thought of Ronnie as a sideman who came up thanks to a high profile situation.

Gregory Porter | Take Me To The Alley

Gregory Porter - Smaller - Take Me To The Alley
Gregory Porter
Take Me To The Alley
(Blue Note)
Record Reflections by A. Scott Galloway
Singer-Songwriter Gregory Porter has settled into a cozy, pleasantly ambiguous style of musical storytelling that is as poetic, comforting and life affirming as it is spiritual and jazzily spirited. Supported by his outstanding band and special guests Lalah Hathaway and KEM, Porter’s fourth offering, Take Me To The Alley, brims with grown folks reflections and perspectives on life and love, delivered by a man who is unquestionably this eras answer to Bill Withers and Terry Callier.

Theo Croker | Escape Velocity

Theo Croker - Escape Velocity - smaller
Theo Croker and DVRK Funk | Escape Velocity
by Peggy Oliver
When musicians are ready to hit the professional pavement, many are willing to hone their craft with studio time or side work to make all their financial ends meet while gaining more notoriety in the industry. Born into jazz royalty as the grandson of trumpeter Doc Cheatham, Croker was naturally inspired to follow his own, unique trumpet virtuosity. After graduating from college, Theo Croker moved to Shanghai China, where a melting pot of musical cultures awaited him.