Bacon Cooks Up Sizzlin’ Salute to P-Funk

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Rob “Fonksta” Bacon
“Cause & E-Funk”
(Fonkstarr Productions)
An A. Scott Galloway Song Reflection

Rob Bacon is among the music industry’s most sought after guitarists in the studio and on the road for bringing fiery uncut funk to everything he does – from DJ Quik and Raphael Saadiq to Chaka Khan (who he’s touring and recording with as I type) – thus his nickname, “Fonksta.” For the lead single of Rob’s upcoming full-length, he has dropped an affectionate funk valentine in memory of dearly departed Parliament-Funkadelic keyboard wizard Bernie Worrell as well as the enduring spirit of P-Funk in general. Entitled “Cause & E-Funk,” this cap to the back/face to the wind jam is fortified by the keyboards and synths of his Detroit homeboy Amp Fiddler plus P-Funk Horns mainstays Greg Thomas (bone) and Bennie Cowan (sax). This slammin’ instrumental cut will put old school funkateers in the mind of cuts like Parliament’s “The Big Bang Theory” with full throttle intensity and authenticity. Sole quibbles: It ain’t long enough – we need extended and stripped down rhythm only mixes, please). And where’s your solo, Bacon? Other than that, believe this: your memory banks won’t forget THIS Fonk…“well, alright!”

A. Scott Galloway
Music Editor
The Urban Music Scene
September 23, 2016

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