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It’s no accident or mystery why it took R&B vocalist Case almost 7-8 years to re-emerge on the music market. But once his new release “The Rose Experience” dropped, the time seemed like it was never wasted. For if you were happy owners of his “Personal Conversations”, “Open Letter” & self titled compact discs, then this one chilled on standby ‘personally’ for you..

The midnight storm drifts back into play when you get a taste of Cases’ musical plate of songs – served a la carte thru passions of fast, mid & slow minute massages. The crooners’ gift easily sends a special message of love, while on the other hand, keeps a man (& Lady) in check about certain ways to either entertain love, deal with perspectives on relationships, or plain & simply make your head bop & sway to the endless production lines assembled for the whole album. From start to finish Urban R&B lovers…

Track Listing:
~ Be That Man
~ Lovely
~ Deja Vu
~ Betcha Don’t Know Y
~ Let Me Down Easy
~ Turns Me On
~ I Can’t
~ Shoulda Known Better
~ Me & You
~ Smile
~ Waiting (Interlude)
~ Can I Be
~ Can’t Believe
~ Place To Stay

Sit down for a second & let “Be That Man” swing a crystal clear, head bobbin’, musical float to your eardrum.; While a reflection of compassion for the grace, character & presence of a beautiful lady is much appreciated in “Lovely”  (to see video to ‘lovely’, please click here!); The beat doesn’t stop, nor slow up…but rather picks up in “Deja Vu” – enticing another look at the introduction of The Rose Experience. After a head-mind check, its apparent: Case is onto something. Especially when he saw the need to press the repeat button on your CD or ipod player & decided to ring your bell with “Betcha Don’t Know Y”..absolutely one of his finest cuts next to his greatest slow joints. You’ll see…

Followed up closely to “Let Me Down Easy”. The lyrics should be considerable for listening. Especially when the title speaks so easy for itself.; “I Can’t” jams the box! The party will feel the thunderous bassline & up tempo flavor.; The same for “Shoulda Known Better” – sealing the agenda Case brought to his template of grooves. He came steady & he came to represent. Bottom line.

But the Keyboard almost fell off my desk when I heard “Smile”. Man….THAT WAS ONE OF MY TOP SLOW JAM ANTHEMS FROM TEDDY RILEY, AARON HALL & DAMIAN HALL  – GUY!!!! That one jacked me up. I didn’t expect it. Nahh Cats. And Case grabbed the hot spot & covered a rather unique, precious flow to it. In fact, there were a few moments on the disc where Case shared some moments or passages from Guy’s legacy of music. All you have to do is pay attention & listen throughout. Small tidbits! YEAH!

Ok…Moving on…

Case, nevertheless, stayed very close to the quiet storm & kept the game of love captivating in the finishing touches of the album. Although the project is not up so close to the younger generating R&B vibe of the current block of R&B/Hip-Hop music today, this secret treasure is STILL a best buy. No matter what you may all think, I found this discovery to be one of my big fav’s on the high recommend list. Rather consistent to his last projects listed above. Brother Case stayed….’on the case’: For Love.

Now back to track 4. See ya’.

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