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Various Artists
The Skip Scarborough Songbook
(Soul Togetherness)
CD Review by Marv D

Do you remember singing the line, “I have never been in love…before” or “You want my love and you can’t deny?”  How about, “Would you mind…if I touched, if I kissed, if held you tight / In the morning light, yeah (ohhhh)” or “Giving you the best that I’ve got.”  Those classic songs were originally sung by L.T.D. (“Love Ballad”), Creative Source (“You Can’t Hide Love”), Earth Wind & Fire (“Love’s Holiday”) and Anita Baker (“Giving You the Best That I Got”), but ALL of them were written by prolific songwriter/producer Clarence “Skip” Scarborough (1944-2003).  Soul Togetherness has put together a fantastic compilation of songs – including some of those – written and produced by Skip Scarborough.  Over the years he composed some of the most recognizable songs of yesterday that are still being played on the radio today.  Skip wrote songs for Con Funk Shun, Bill Summers and Summers’ Heat, Bobbi Humphrey, Phyllis Hyman and many more. Skip even wrote the song “Why Did You Let Me Love You” for his wife’s group, Alton McClain and Destiny.  As I was listening to Songbook, I wondered if he wrote any of these songs for Alton while he was married to her…  Sometimes when you’re in a relationship it is easy to put your feelings into song which is a testament to classic old school music – music we can sing to, dance to and cry to.

Some of the standout tracks on this fantastic CD are:

“Don’t Ask My Neighbors” – The Emotions
“Earth Wind & Fire” – Earth Wind and Fire
“Love Changes” – Mother’s Finest (video below)
“I Can Hardly Wait” – Rockie Robbins

There are plenty of other classic songs on this 18-song goldmine. The complete track listing is below. Make sure you pick up this CD for your collection.

Marv D
The Urban Music Scene

The Skip Scarborough Songbook

1. “Lover to Lover” – Maxi Anderson
2. “Earth, Wind and Fire” – Earth Wind & Fire
3. “Why Did You Let Me Love You” – Alton McLain and Destiny
4. “Funky Luvah” – Creative Source
5. “Let Me Be The One” – Syreeta
6. “Let’s Get Together” – Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler
7. “I Can Hardly Wait” – Rockie Robbins
8. “Tell Me” – Freda Payne
9. “Love’s Holiday” – Wilbert Longmire
10. “Love Changes” – Mother’s Finest
11. “He Don’t Lie” – Philip Bailey
12. “It’s Alright With Me” – Patti Labelle
13. “Living Inside Your Love” – Phyllis Hyman
14. “Can’t Hide Love” – Dionne Warwick
15. “Don’t Ask My Neighbors” – The Emotions
16. “Love Ballad” – L.T.D.
17. “No One” – Bill Summers and Summers’ Heat
18. “Dancin’ to Keep Myself from Cryin’” – Bobbi Humphrey

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