Mavo Solomon | iSiGiDiMi

Mavo Solomon - iSiGiDiMi

Mavo Solomon | iSiGiDiMi
by George Strand

Its not everyday that I listen to beautiful, deeply textured rooted R&B music from South Africa. A place where our Motherland has produced & been held responsible for the birth of other instrumental, vocal improvisational outputs, in all aspects, of our musical heritage from all over the world. Its an honor to always think back on those trademarks of creativity associated to a whirlwind of musical genres’ all over the planet.


It’s also an honor to still pay close attention to vocalists & musicians that kept those legacies abound within our reach from South Africa in comparison now. Within our culture. Within our ground. Before & after 2009.

When Queenstown native Mavo Solomon‘s CD came across my attention, I couldn’t imagine enough imaginations & praise his music enough at moments chance. In concordance to my intro., Brother Solomon enlighten my inner ability to rethink the way some R&B music, some music I had reviewed before & expand on the way the level of the playing field should be received outward bound – in.

My friends, the way music is approached these days are either gimmicky for commercialism or ‘blood, sweat & tears’ for traditionalism. All it takes for many of us to gather opinions for that reason is by looking at, listening to or declaring what the message of the music brought to us is & why it came the way it did.

Mavo Solomon’s “iSiGiDiMi“, transferred those emotions & brought peace to my mind in the music shared. Unadulterated, Unsophisticated, Unprecedented & Unreal, Mavos’ music will possibly chill your mind & ease your heart. It can send another perspective about love, reincarnate another for what real ‘smooth music’ should be about, & permit an invocation for imagination behind your listening experience. In Jazz music, Rhythm, Soul & Beyond.

His voice is gentle, soft, precious & reserved. Unconventional, but rather effective.

“The Axe” (izembe!) & “Listen” (Mamelani!) carefully concocts a tranquil environment, overseeing a coastal, sandy shore of sounds only appreciated if you were kickin’ it on the wharf or patio area of a seaport enjoying a temporary stay, evoking the very thought of the cultural taste of South Africa while you are matter where you are. Mavo’s band by the way, has a mount by means of jazz appreciation. Please pay very close attention. You can hear it also in “Eternally” (ngonaphakade), “Don’t You Know!” (kaloku) and “Our History” (imbali yethu). Absolutely beautiful. Very contemporary, conventional & updated.

While lyrically transferred in African language, no question should be given by the way the content & delivery of this music should be explained. Waning moments of guitar riffs, occasional sax jolts, soft background vocal arrangements, drum lathing, congo driven works are effortlessly lent to a extremely great project. Something I didn’t some to expect. I was caught off guard, once again.

“She’s Hot” (uyavutha) will end up becoming someone’s party-firepit anthem, while Mavo’s fatherly sensitivity for family resonates in “My Boy!” (kwedini!).

A tremendous, extraordinary piece of work. Fabricated & layered like a piece of woven cloth that will not ever be worn away, I give this the highest rating – 5+ stars out of 5 possible. I loved it & recommend it highly.

George Strand
The Urban Music Scene

Website & Song Samples: Mavo Solomon