Change | Change Your Mind

Change - Change Your Mind

Change | Change Your Mind
by Marv D.

Change had a good run in 80’s starting with R&B Legend Luther Vandross singing the “The Glow Of Love”, which eventually launched his singing career. And a lot more hits followed. Their last album “Turn On Your Radio,” also had several hits… and that was it. After that, there was no more Change. The careers that came after the recording days allowed them to become major stars now.

Jump forward to 2010 and a new Change CD, “Change Your Mind,” emerged. So much a great news, that it was sold out when I went to order it. 2 1/2 weeks later it was back in stock and I was ready to buy the copy. Was it worth the wait? Yes it was! This Change album sounds totally different from past few albums. Maybe I expected that. But there are a couple of songs that has that Change sound. “Say What You Wanna Say” and “Happy Ending.” It also has a very good cover of the Marvin Gaye’s hit,”I Want You.” The title track “If Only I Can Change Your Mind” is a testament to Changes’ popular, well known slow groove. The album is still produced by David Romani and a host of musicians. Lead vocals are handled by Patrick Boothe. I didn’t recognize any past Change members, but this is still quite good even though it’s 25 years later. The music is bartering on a new jack swing beat but stays true to the original sound.

Change also comes with four bonus tracks: “Glow Of Love” (Long Version), “Paradise” (U.K. Mix), “Let’s Go Together” (Paul Hardcastle Remix), & “A Lover Holiday” (Jim Burgess Mix) rounds out this stellar CD. You can find “Change Your Mind” at while they are still in stock.

Marv D
The Urban Music Scene