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Album Review: Chris Walker | Zone
By Susan Mutharia

In 1991, he had a successful album First Time which yielded eleven remarkable songs including the singles Giving You All My Love and Take Time. In 1993, he released his sophomore album Sincerely Yours. More than a decade later, Chris Walker is back with a new project. The album may be new but the sound and feel of the album captures the essence of R&B as we knew it a decade ago. This is why Zone is a phenomenal album especially for those who truly appreciate old school R&B.

If Walker believed the charts more than he did himself, he would have quit after his sophomore album. Sincerely Yours did not fair well in record sales. However, music to him was more than just being on the frontline. When he was not creating his own music, he was creating music for others. Walker who worked with numerous artists including Regina Belle and Ornette Coleman continues to serve as the musical director for the Grammy award winning prodigy Al Jarreau.

The album Zone was released on August 29th under Pendulum records in association with Walker Davis Entertainment (Walker and Ray J Davis formed Walker Davis Entertainment in 2007). Love and life are the thesis of the album. The first single of the album I Got That Love has been embraced and played on radio nationwide. On its introduction to the listeners in January 2011, the song gave a taste of the kind of love that was going to be served on the Zone platter “…I got the bring it home to your mama’s love/ I got the introduce me to your parents love/ I got the show me off your friends love you….”

Each song evokes a different kind of feeling related to love. A couple of the songs stand out. The first is his rendition of the song If Only For One Night.  Of course it is hard to sing this song without being compared to late Luther Vandross. However, Walker holds his own and does an outstanding job with his sultry and soothing vocals as he pays homage to one of his greatest influence. Another notable song is the sentimental How Do You Heal A Broken Heart. Though the song was featured in his second album, it is still a great song that fits the purposed journey of this album. Other notable songs are The Dance of Love and I Want You.

With the summer coming to an end, its time to layoff the summer flings and get schooled on some real love. Zone is the perfect album for the dawning fall season and the re-birth of Chris Walker. Good music never gets old.

Susan Mutharia
The Urban Music