Carl Thomas | Conquer

carl thomas album art - Conquer

Carl Thomas | Conquer
By Stella Titus-Ayala

Carl Thomas and his long awaited and anticipated New Album “CONQUER” hits you with smooth contemporary R&B tracks like “THE NIGHT IS YOURS” and many more to come. This track just goes to show you that in his absence he was going deeper within his talent and musical vault before resurfacing with hot new sounds for the project.

“ROUND 2” is definitely a very hot track that speaks so much truth to so many playing the Love Game. “IT’S NOT THE SAME” —  dare I say it happens too often and finally someone has made an up tempo, almost joyful song of coming to terms with ‘Loves Changes’. This is a real song with some real talk. “DON’T KISS ME” is definitely my favorite track on the album. Everything about it screams sensuality. This song teases the senses yet promises climatic closeness in any relationship. The music is smooth and combined with the tantalizing seductive vocals or Mr. Thomas. What more can we ask for? It is what it is.

There are no words that can really express how I feel about this next song. When you buy the album “CONQUER” you will know what I’m talking about. “IT IS WHAT IT IS” is simply CARL, CARL, CARL! The single is so explosive, all I can say is Wow! CARL brought his “A” game y’all! Then to “IT AIN’T FAIR”, Carl is the R&B romantic, gentle comforter to the women all over the world but yet I know there are real men feeling these tracks just the same.

Somebody pinch me! On “SWEET LOVE”, Carl Thomas was not playing on this one y’all. He’s fine, sexy and the man is Sang’in to my soul! I had to step back, grab a cold drink just to keep from overheating on this track. This is what great music is about – what it’s supposed to sound like. It reminded me of how great songs sounded back in the 90’s by groups like Troop (All I Do), Mint Condition (Pretty Brown Eyes), Jodeci (Stay)…, you know, the songs that made you want to slow dance even if you didn’t know how.

“RUNNING” is such the inspirational song on this album. It makes you believe you can soar and do just about anything you can dream of doing. Like a child who gets lifted and doesn’t want to be put down…Spiritual yet real. A real beautiful composition, again this album could’ve easily been called “The Reinvention of Carl Thomas” what a great song to inspire, so worthy of Olympic praise.

The bonus track on the album is a collaboration featuring the top dog himself Mr. SNOOP (D-O-Double-G) DOGG! This is a bonus track for those who need or like a little more edge to their dosage of smooth R&B slow jams. SNOOP comes in on the track like a real Funkin Player adding FLAVA to this already hot track making it burst into straight FIRE! Got to love this one!

Collectively this is not a comeback album but rather another ‘I have arrived AGAIN’ project. “CONQUER” has done just that. CONQUER is in an understatement. It’s FIERCE – A must have album! What more can I say other than please Carl don’t wait too long to drop the next one. For all of you… GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!

Peace y’all!

Stella Titus-Ayala
The Urban Music Scene