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October 2010

The Floacist presents Floetic Soul

The Floacist | Floetic Soul

On November 9th, the bold and beautiful Natalie ‘The Floacist’ Stewart will prove that
the end of the season of Floetry was not the death of her genius concept ‘poetic delivery with music intent’. Judging from her upcoming new album, The Floacist presents Floetic Soul,
her new season is bound to be a great one. Her …

Hart Ramsey | Charge It To My Heart

Hart Ramsey | Charge It To My Heart

Hart Ramsey, a talented music producer and keyboardist shifts his focus from producing and playing for others in favor of releasing his own solo album, Charge It To My Heart. Charge It To My Heart could be summed up as being a ‘smooth jazz’ album for the most part, but with Ramsey’s restlessness for incorporating ideas from idioms outside of smooth jazz, it is more than just smooth jazz. Here, elements of R&B, gospel, and rock cross paths on numerous cuts making Charge It To My Heart quite an enthralling listen throughout

For Love of Liberty Soundtrack | Various Artists

For the love of Liberty Soundtrack
Various Artists | For Love of Liberty Soundtrack
by Peggy Oliver

Filmmaker Frank Martin has been responsible for some of Hollywood’s finest moments including the life of legendary John Huston – The Man, The Movies, The Maverick and a forty year television retrospective of Walt Disney: The Wonderful World of Disney: Forty Years of Television Magic. But Martin may have topped himself by reaching back to an important yet somehow forsaken part of American history.

Lylit | Unexpected (EP)

Lylit | Unexpected (EP)

It is always refreshing to hear ‘fresh new blood’ in the R&B world and Austrian R&B singer Lylit is no different! Lylit is a new R&B singer who is both an accomplished instrumentalist
(piano) as well as a very gifted singer. Her debut EP on American Shores, Unexpected, is not quite a revolutionary effort per say, but what it …

Gail Pettis | Here In The Moment

Gail Pettis - Here In The Moment
Gail Pettis | Here in the Moment
by Peggy Oliver
When a jazz singer revisits a standard that has been tackled time and again, it is quite the task to express their musical personality without having to alter the integrity of the original. The experienced jazz vocalist should set the tone for his or her self and their accompanists to create a colorful musical canvas for their audiences.

Wayman Tisdale | The Fonk Record

Wayman Tisdale - The Fonk Record
Wayman Tisdale | The Fonk Record
by Brent Faulkner
Wayman Tisdale was another ‘shining star’ who was ‘gone too soon.’ Although an extremely talented former professional basketball player, Tisdale was equally talented as a multi-instrumentalist, who focused on the bass for the most part. Sadly, in May 2009, Wayman died after a stint with cancer. What did not die was Tisdale’s legacy. Experimental project The Fonk Record (featuring Tiz & The Fonkie Planetarians) is an album that showcases Tisdale’s restless creativity as a musician.

fo/mo/deep | Eclecticism

fo/mo/deep – Eclecticism 

Starting a memorable groove may be easy pickings, but keeping that drive alive is another matter. What is even more challenging is mastering
these grooves in a live setting without adding extra studio clutter while always bringing out the best musicianship. Ron Holmes, Jr., founder of jazz/funk collective fo/mo/deep believes being in the
pocket is key to …

Oli Silk | All We Need

Oli Silk - All We Need
Oli Silk | All We Need
by Brent Faulkner
Pianist Oli Silk continues to keep the ‘art’ of jazz alive through his recent 2010 Trippin N Rhythm Records release All We Need. On the fine All We Need, Silk bridges old and new with creative instrumental orchestrations that keep the prime aspects of jazz alive while blending them with urban sensibilities.

Our Review of The 20th Annual Divas Simply Singing! | Oct. 9th, 2010

Good Evening Everyone…Its me, The Publisher – Terrill.

It’s been a long week for a lot of us. And another week ahead. Please stay close to prayer. And stay positive.

Last night, I witnessed a blessing in concert so significant to this online magazine, I had no choice but to drop some sentimental thoughts.

My Wife & I was overwhelmed with the beauty & power of Sheryl Lee Ralph’s “20th Annual Divas Simply Singing” last night (10/9/10). Lots of great performances was turned in!