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April 26, 2011

Tony Adamo | What Is Hip?

Album Review: Tony Adamo | What is Hip? 

by Brent Faulkner

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albums are the least likely to garner strong, universal critical
support.  The artistry of making something classic  ‘new’ or matching
the level of the original is often a gargantuan, sometimes impossible
task. Tony Adamo takes on this battle on his 2011 effort, What is Hip?. 
Tony Adamo’s What is Hip? consists mostly of  covers doctored up with
horns, a taste of soul, and jazz affections. Overall, the album proves
to be enjoyable, though rarely ‘revolutionary’ per say. When Adamo takes
risks and achieves more than a ‘breezy’ vocal performance (achieves
vocal grit and assertive nuances), that is when What is Hip? really
catches fire.  While the covers never eclipse the original, Adamo has
some signature moments on What is Hip?. To continue, please click “MORE”!