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May 26, 2011

Raphael Saadiq | Stone Rollin’

Album Review: Raphael Saadiq | Stone Rollin’

by Susan Mutahria

Dear Raphael Saadiq a.k.a ‘Ray Ray’,


You are giving me a heart attack and I want you back because I can’t get enough of your new album Stone Rollin’. Here is the situation. Ever since the album rolled out on May 10th,
I have had you on replay. I find myself looking for love from other
albums but then I figure out they are not you. You keep ‘old school’ so
steamy. You’re a good man, all cards on the table, music so good got me
dancing on the table. Stone Rollin’ is not enough for me, so all I ask of you is to go back to the studio and keep on working.”


Your huge fan,



Those who have not listened to the new album just branded me crazy. Others who know me well enough just branded me crazy then proceeded to buy the album. Either way you are all right because I am crazy about this album and the musical genius of Raphael Saadiq. To continue, please click “MORE”!