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May 15, 2011

Mateo | Love & Stadiums

Album Review: Mateo | Love & Stadiums
By Susan Mutharia

I liked his voice when I first heard him sing Til She Goes.  I developed a crush on his voice when I heard him sing Complicated. I knew it was love when I heard him sing Don’t Shoot Me Down featuring Goapele & Ab Liva.  After the release mixtape Love and Stadiums, I affirmed my deeply rooted love and appreciation for the music of the incredible new voice of Mateo.

Mateo to me represents the power and effect of social networking. I first learnt of his work after reading a tweet from the actor and author Hill Harper. As much as I love and appreciate music, I must confess that at first I checked him out because I thought he is hot. Then I heard him sing and thought, “…wow, he can sing too.”  Later, I came to learn that Hill Harper was indirectly responsible for getting Mateo signed to his former label MySpace records. To continue, please click “MORE”!

Deirdre Gaddis | Life in The Key of Dei

Album Review: Deirdre Gaddis – Life in The Key of Dei

By Peggy Oliver
has been proven through the dawn of time that music in any shape and
form can be that great yet reasonable escape; whether for the listener
or the songwriter.   Deirdre Gaddis knows how to share her dark and
victorious times through the gift of songwriting and she is not afraid
to use it. The Birmingham, Alabama born vocalist began her expressing
herself in song at age eight. And her life has been quite a roller
coaster ride. But Gaddis is fully able to mold those experiences into a
soulful, spiritual quest that empowers and encourages. Her debut from
the very busy folks at 111 East Records, Life in The Key of Dei,
is a no-nonsense handbook on love lost, stalled and found. The team of
Brian ‘B-Flat Trax’ Cook and Will aka Slick and Dboi from creates picturesque silky jazz/R&B grooves to match Gaddis’ gospel-like and soulful intensity. To continue, please click “MORE”!