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June 8, 2011

Monday Michiru | Don’t Disturb This Groove

Monday Michiru – Don’t Disturb This Groove

By Peggy Oliver
Michiru is a woman who has worn a lot of hats. Though she was born to
notable jazz musicians, the Japanese born multi-gifted talent has also
tapped into acting, journalism and as a media host. But when successful
musicians are surrounded with like-minded family members, it is only
natural that they want to carry on in their parent’s footsteps. Michiru
Michiru parents just happen to be pianist Toshiko Akiyoshi and
saxophonist Charlie Mariano. Her mother was one of the few women during
the fifties to make a big impression in the bebop jazz and was noted as
the first female arranger and composer by Down Beat Magazine Readers
Choice in 1984. Mariano has played with Charles Mingus and Japanese
saxophone player Sadeo Watanabe; combining jazz and occasionally
incorporating world music. Like her mother, Michiru is a well respected
arranger and composer. Like her father, Michiru picked up a woodwind
instrument in the flute. She also discovered there was another
instrument inside of her. To continue, please click “MORE”!