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June 11, 2011

Soul Togetherness Presents The Skip Scarborough Songbook | Various Artists

Various Artists
The Skip Scarborough Songbook
(Soul Togetherness)
CD Review by Marv D

Do you remember singing the line, “I have never been in love…before” or “You want my love and you can’t deny?”  How about, “Would you mind…if I touched, if I kissed, if held you tight / In the morning light, yeah (ohhhh)” or “Giving you the best that I’ve got.”  Those classic songs were originally sung by L.T.D. (“Love Ballad”), Creative Source (“You Can’t Hide Love”), Earth Wind & Fire (“Love’s Holiday”) and Anita Baker (“Giving You the Best That I Got”), but ALL of them were written by prolific songwriter/producer Clarence “Skip” Scarborough (1944-2003). To continue, please click “MORE”!