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August 3, 2011

LaTina Webb | Hush

EP Review: LaTina Webb | Hush
Pebbles Of Enlightenment Music
by Susan Mutharia

I watch her as she gracefully walks across the stage and settles in on her position… She is beautiful and elegant. I scope out her hair and her dress, noting her fashion style. I then make a mental note to judge her vocals when she sings. I wonder, “Who is she and how did she get here?” I know her name alright but I know she is more than just a name. The artist she is singing behind tonight glides on stage and steals the moment. Caught between drooling over my fantasy man and the euphoria of the moment, I forget all my questions about the girl…until the final standing ovation. As they bow with gratitude, I rise and wonder, “Who is LaTina Webb?” To continue, please click “MORE”!

The Jade Element

Album Review: The Jade Element
By Peggy Oliver

Anthony Molinaro, Alfred
Howard and Rebecca Jade are more than well acquainted with each other
through their work with several San Diego based bands. Molinero and Jade
worked alongside the soul/jazz band Super Magnetic, while Howard was
the rapping front man with the K23 Orchestra. Pooling all their musical
resources after years of experience sharing many stages in the same
city, the trio eventually decided to join forces to birth yet another
band. To continue, please click “MORE”!