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August 29, 2011

Deitrick Haddon | Anthology: The Writer & His Music

Album Review: Deitrick Haddon | Anthology: The Writer & His Music
By Peggy Oliver

As contemporary gospel presented many important influential voices to the landscape throughout the seventies and eighties like the Crouches, the Hawkins and the Winans, the following decade would prove no exception. When Deitrick Haddon hit the nineties decade — and hit it radically hard — another chapter would soon be written as his ‘gospel soul’ imprint has heavily influenced the way most people hear gospel to this day. Coming from one of gospel’s landmark cities Detroit, Michigan, Haddon feeds his progressive praise and worship with R&B, soul and funk and everything else in between. His mix of Biblical inspiration with shadings of Prince, Michael Jackson and others have intrigued both fans, critics and the industry especially when he launched his solo career in 2002 with Lost & Found. To continue, please click “MORE”!