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February 20, 2012

Rhythm Will Be Queen at The 34th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival

by A. Scott Galloway

Music Editor
The Urban Music Scene

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon – crystal clear following a night of heavy winds – as host Bill Cosby and producer Darlene Chan announced this year’s exciting lineup of The 34th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival. The festival returns to Father’s Day weekend – Saturday June 16 (3pm-11pm) and Sunday June 17 (3pm-10:30pm) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. As always, the cultural and musical diversity of the collective likens it more as The Playboy World Music Extravaganza.

For this writer, the group I am most anticipating is Spectrum Road – a jazz-rock power quartet assembled to pay homage to the late, great drummer Tony Williams and his pioneering band The Tony Williams Lifetime. To continue, please click “MORE”!