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April 2009, Page 2

Marion Meadows | Secrets

Hey there all you Marion Meadows fans. The man is back and serving up the smooth jazz tasty as ever with his latest release on Heads Up International entitled Secrets. Due in stores in late May, Secrets showcases the saxophonic virtuosity and the timeless grooves we have all come to know …

Times 4 | Relations

** Times 4 | Relations When I hear about or see new music that’s immersed in a blueprint of attractive grooves anchored by the spirit of creativity, innovation, and encircled by intense melodies then I’m usually drawn in hook line and sinker. As you know, the Internet as usual is …

April Hill | Love 360

Listen to a sample of “You Got Me” on our New Voices of Today page by clicking here!April Hill is a Former Goldman-Sachs employee that is setting the radio-waves on fire. Her debut cd “Love 360” is all that and the” Cheesecake factory”…’s that good. But first let me give …

Wk.end Band | How Bout Us

Listen to a sample of “Arrabella” on our New Voices of Today page by clicking here!It’s Saturday evening, the temperature is right, and there’s a party in the Napa’s. You grab your girl or guy and hit the P.C.H (Pacific Coast Highway -Southern California) and cruise. The music of choice …

Satya Project | Shine A Light

Listen to a sample of “Stranger Here” on our New Voices of Today page by clicking here!The Satya Project produced by M Sainz and J. Galiardo reminded me of the Change producers Jacques Fred Petrus, and Mauro Malavasi, recording in a different countries. Their project is called, “Shine A Light”. …

Ronny Smith | Just Groovin

Ronny Smith - Just Groovin
Ronny Smith | Just Groovin
by Terrill Hanna
Pacific Coast Jazz instrumentalist Ronny Smith is a consistent Guitar appreciation that seems to keep a pep in his step whenever it came time to groove. Which, I believe, came to thought when he named his new release, Just Groovin to the world. A nice collection, 10 tracks, of savvy urban R&B layered, instrumentals that is guaranteed to keep all smooth guitar lovin’ fans happy. Some tracks do come off predictable, but others have its moment of gratitude towards Ronny’s ever appealing talent on the strings.

Mavo Solomon | iSiGiDiMi

Mavo Solomon - iSiGiDiMi
Mavo Solomon | iSiGiDiMi
by George Strand
Its not everyday that I listen to beautiful, deeply textured rooted R&B music from South Africa. A place where our Motherland has produced & been held responsible for the birth of other instrumental, vocal improvisational outputs, in all aspects, of our musical heritage from all over the world. Its an honor to always think back on those trademarks of creativity associated to a whirlwind of musical genres’ all over the planet.