Ronny Smith | Just Groovin

Ronny Smith - Just Groovin

Ronny Smith | Just Groovin
by Terrill Hanna

Pacific Coast Jazz instrumentalist Ronny Smith is a consistent Guitar appreciation that seems to keep a pep in his step whenever it came time to groove. Which, I believe, came to thought when he named his new release, Just Groovin to the world. A nice collection, 10 tracks, of savvy urban R&B layered, instrumentals that is guaranteed to keep all smooth guitar lovin’ fans happy. Some tracks do come off predictable, but others have its moment of gratitude towards Ronny’s ever appealing talent on the strings.

Track Listing:
~ Here We Go Again
~ Smooth
~ Superstition
~ 95 Drive
~ Just Groovin
~ I’m Beside You
~ Groove 106
~ Forever Friends
~ Ticket To Miami
~ Blue Bossa

Mr. Smith was backed by the personnel of Alan Alexander (Keys/Piano), Jeff Knoettner (Keys/Piano), Karl McNeil (Bass), Sam Bates (Bass), Tony Whitfield (Bass), Vernell Mincey (Drums), Scott Martin (Sax), Stan Martin (Trumpet) & Andy Martin (Trombone).

When the bass plucked to start off “Here We Go Again,” instantly you are led to know that the cut is ready to set up your headphone or backyard experience. With a mid-tempo flair & an exquisite rhythm, its time to let go & let Ronny do his thang! “Smooth” is exactly the lead catch to this track, while the memory of music great Stevie Wonder touched off a classic in “Superstition.” “95 Drive” sounds like a cruise down the freeway at exactly 55 MPH. Ok maybe 65, but chill to this as Ronny cascaded a moment of fresh riffs over a tranquil drum arrangement.

I expected more out of track “Just Groovin,” but maybe it will catch up to me later. Look out for Scott Martin on the background sax dept. As for much slower melodies & romantic moments, listen in on “I’m Beside You” & “Forever Friends”. For a taste on the latin side of jazz, bring up “Ticket To Miami” & “Blue Bossa”. These last tracks ended the project on a much grander scale & opened the album to diversity among the music listeners.

The album is a 70/30. Yes, but…some tracks were just, as mentioned, too predictable. As the music mediums continues to shrink for artists like Ronny Smith to be heard across the airwaves, I hope with enough spins & promotion that his music be heard for what its worth. One thing is for sure: Ronny & his staff didn’t waste any time presenting fresh flavor. If it’s his passion, so be it.

Terrill Hanna
The Urban Music Scene