Rahsaan Patterson | Bleuphoria

Rahsaan Patterson - bleuphoria

Rahsaan Patterson | Bleuphoria
by Susan Mutharia

I closed my eyes while listening to the song Mountain Top. I allowed Rahsaan Patterson and an enchanted Tata Vega to take me through an imaginary safari. I was elated and stimulated, chanting, “I sing all day from the mountain top / I love always from the mountain top / Nothing can stop me from singing from the mountain top.” After listening to the entire album, I could relate to the euphoric state of Bleuphoria – so far one of the best work by singer/songwriter Rahsaan Patterson.

Patterson worked with longtime producers and friends Kevin Crouch and Jamey Jaz.

Patterson starts the album off with the soulful classic I Only Have Eyes For You then follows with the funky Ghosts where he is joined by the talented Jody Watley. The collaborations don’t stop there. Next in the lineup is Crazy featuring R&B powerhouses Faith Evans and Shanice Wilson, Mountain Top featuring the rich voice of Tata Vega, and 6 AM featuring another legend in the making, Lalah Hathaway.

The thesis of the album is love. Love as we know it has different levels and layers, and they are all covered in this album; from wanting love in the song Bleuphoria to yearning for it in the song Miss You and losing it in the Goodbye. The album closes off with the one perfect and invisible love in the track God.

bleuphoria is a symphony from the heart. Love is indeed like scaling a mountain. When viewing it from the foot, it is taxing, but when living it from the top, it is serene. This album captures the top, the bottom and the in-between. It is the listener interested in more than just a funky beat that will get the most out of this album.

Susan Mutharia