Kandace Springs | EP

Kandace Springs

Kandace Springs | Kandace Springs EP
Blue Note Records
by Brent Faulkner

From the first time the listener hears the music of Kandace Springs, there’s something immediately special. The singer/songwriter has given us a glowing first impression upon a numerous people, including Prince. If that isn’t enough to awe itself, Spring’s EP should definitely do the trick and provide the ear with something truly alluring. The vocalist and pianist isn’t fixated on just one style, but sought to blend plenty (a little soul, a little jazz, etc.), creating music that is beautiful, enduring, and eclectic. Captivating only begins to characterize Kandace Springs.

Throughout the course of four songs, there are no misses and few rubs to note about the EP. “Love Got In The Way” proves to be a funky way to kick things off. A throwback to classic soul in every facet, the listener easily gathers that Springs is comfortable and had established her artistic niche. In other words, Springs is in her zone. Soulfulness continues on “West Coast,” which also has some ‘quirks’ about it as a whole that gives the song even more character. Of the featured tracks, “West Coast” may be the most unique because of these quirks. The ending of the track in particular stands out, truly showing off Springs’ personality.

“Meet Me In The Sky” certainly showcased a lovely fusion of soul and jazz. The harmonic progression definitely hails from jazz traditions, as does the groove, which has a Latin feel. Complete in all facets, “Meet Me in The Sky” offers something for a number of different audiences, playing up eclecticism. “Forbidden Fruit” is arguably the lushest track of the four. Conveying a feeling of plushness and fuzziness, “Forbidden Fruit” is sultry and lives up to its sensual title.

Ultimately, Springs’ self-titled EP serves as an exceptional introduction to the artist. Vocally, Springs is incredibly nuanced and expressive, making each note feel vital to the performance. All four of the EP tracks are worthwhile by all means. Each track showcased Springs’ versatility, strength, and tremendous musicianship. What will be even more exciting is to see how great Springs grows throughout her career.

Brent Faulkner
The Urban Music Scene