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Keith Sweat - Just Me

Come May 6th, some of you may need to put some dollars aside for now & pick this one up later. ‘Cause not only is R&B crooner Keith Sweat is back, He dropped a HOT PROJECT!! Straight from the Sweat Hotel.

This advance review of “Just Me” reveals a stunning CD that will sure to please Mr. Sweats’ fan base. What many of you may come to appreciate is his ability to maintain & remain consistent to his sensual sounds to R&B. The duets, the production, the flavor – sexy & soulful – is all still there for Keith, working directly to his own game – The Love Songs!

Track Listing:
~ Somebody (featuring Chris “F.L.O.” Conner)
~ The Floor
~ Girl Of My Dreams
~ Sexiest Girl
~ Butterscotch (feat. Athena Cage)
~ Me & My Girl
~ Suga Suga Suga (feat. Paisley Bettis)
~ Never Had A Lover
~ Love You Better (feat. Keyshia Cole)
~ Just Wanna Sex You
~ What’s A Man To Do
~ Teach Me

Fans will get tickled when they hear him sing Falsetto to the opening track “Somebody”. The ballad received a special touch of rap from Chris Conner and samples a classic track from Blue Magic “What’s Come Over Me”.; The cat who helped produced the 4 million selling album “Make It Last Forever”, Teddy Riley, joins up with Keith to bring you “The Floor” – another one of those slow groovin, sensual slow jams…

“Girl Of My Dreams” picks up the pace & makes the head nod’!; The same goes with “Sexiest Girl”; Watch out for “Butterscotch” – the duet teaming him up with former lead singer from R&B Kut Klose, Athena Cage. Stick a “*” next to that track, just for the sake you may go back to it. That one & “Love You Better”.

“Love You Better” should find its way to the charts in a hurry! Keyshia Cole brings a credible vocal range to that ballad so strong, you can’t help but to take notice; “Suga Suga Suga” is already blazin’ the radio dials!

The overall appeal to this project is a winner. I also dug the music sequencing – the flow of every song as it plays directly after each other! From the very 1st track to the last, the groove just kept flowing endlessly. Also, I feel the younger generation will relate to this masterpiece. It carries a lot of urban flavor, but at the same time, it sends a strong reminder of Keith’s ability to help with the romance when the moon falls…

Terrill J. Hanna
The Urban Music Scene

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